Build the Competences

In a world going through digital transformation, it’s vital to be up to date with evolution. BBF is the place to acquire the competences for the future through talks, training sessions and workshops by the hands of national and international experts.

Build the Tools

To boost new ways of teaching, it’s fundamental to begin by learning. The tools we need to revolutionize the education will be at demo-learning sessions, talks and real examples of who’s leading this transformation.

Build the Bridges

The educational and professional universes should be connected by a bridge that’s able to bring them closer, informing and helping them. Getting to know the backstages of the business world, reducing the gap between the best companies and the students, regardless of the career moment they’re at, or acquiring technical tools are some of the possibilities of BBF.

Startup World

Tired of expos with hundreds of startups, where you leave frustrated because you don’t get to connect with the ones who really interest you? That’s why we are bringing you the Startup World, the meeting point for innovative solutions in education, funding opportunities and growing support of accelerators and incubators. This Is the place where the Portuguese entrepreneur ecosystem comes together and connect meaningfully with startups to transform the education in the country together!

Intelligent Day

What if somebody told you that at Building The Future you’ll be able to experience the future?

In the Intelligent Day Area, you would find intelligent journeys where the future will become present!

Here you see technology in action, either by improving business operations and processes, help you as a citizen and as a customer to have better experiences, or by allowing you to live in an inclusive and fair world.

From the moment you wake up at home, the way you go to your workplace, the workplace itself, in a walk through the city of the future with industry, services and retail experiences - and also leisure time for coffee and sports!

Experience a day in the future… in your future.