• BBF – Inês Marques

    Inês Marques

    Operations Manager at ​Remote Year​

    Operations Manager at ​Remote Year​, an organization that helps professionals embrace the remote work movement and leverage it towards personal and cultural development. I’m also Co-founder of ​JOYN Coliving​, that aims to support the growth of this new way of living in Portugal. I’m committed to improving the living & working experience of our generation which can lead to a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

  • NunoPireza[1]

    Nuno Pireza

    Software Engineer at OutSystems

    With a degree in Physical Activity and Sports, Nuno Pireza worked in the area for 10 years, going through the school, associative and military spheres. In the Portuguese Air Force, he was responsible for assessing the physical condition of the military. Throughout his journey, he felt monotony and the need to change. Thus, after several years of professional experience, he returned to college, graduated in Computer Engineering and today is a full stack software programmer. “Feeling good about what we do and accepting change as part of life. It is never too late to change.”

  • BBF – Ruben Veloso

    Rúben Veloso

    Team Manager Collaboration and Productivity at Armis Group

    Rúben Veloso is the Team Manager Collaboration and Productivity at Armis Group, with over 6 years in IT area addressing enterprise solutions, helping clients following the world’s latest solutions and best practices regarding Intranet and Collaboration Solutions. His major concern and focus are to ensure the best relationship between the user experience and the collaboration, developing implementation projects and consultancy in several organizations.


    Rui Grilo

    European director for the education sector at Microsoft

    European director for the education sector at Microsoft, where he joined in 2009. Manager, doctorate in organizational change, directed the portal SAPO.pt and the web communication of the Portugal Telecom group. Rui Grilo was also deputy director of the Technological Plan and chief of staff to the Minister of the Presidency and Finance, among other public functions.

  • BBF – André de Aragão Azevedo

    André de Aragão Azevedo

    Secretary of State for Digital Transition

    André de Aragão Azevedo is currently Secretary of State for Digital Transition. André graduated in Law from the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, and he was also Chief of Staff to the Assistant Secretary of State and Health, parliamentary advisor to the Constitutional Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Ethics Commissions of the Assembly of the Republic and also Executive Director of Technology at Microsoft Portugal.

  • BBF – Manuel Dias

    Manuel Dias

    Director of Enterprise Technical Sales and AI Ambassador at Microsoft

    In 2010 Manuel joined Microsoft, starting as a Principal Solutions Specialist and then as Analytics Lead covering all Data & Artificial Intelligence initiatives in the Enterprise market. Currently is the Director of Enterprise Technical Sales and AI Ambassador of Microsoft Portugal. In 2018 Manuel co-founded and is currently Vice-President of the Data Science Portuguese Association (DSPA) and in 2019 founded the Power BI Portugal community aiming to democratize analytics skills across businesses and individuals.

  • BBF – Ana Mendes Godinho

    Ana Mendes Godinho

    Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security

    Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, graduated in Law, was coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in Tourism Law at the Faculty of Law of Lisbon. Exercising several positions in the Tourism area, she was also Vice-President of the General Council of the Special Real Estate Fund to Support Companies.

  • BBF – Manuel Heitor

    Manuel Heitor

    Director of the Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research

    Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor is also Full Professor at IST and founder of the Center for Studies in Innovation, Technology and Development Policies. PhD at Imperial College London in Mechanical Engineering, he was also a Research Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin and Visiting Professor at Harvard University.

  • BBF – João Magalhães

    João Magalhães

    CEO and Co-founder at Code For All

    João spent all his professional life helping businesses succeed. João is currently the CEO and Co-founder of Code For All, a social business focusing in solving the skills gap through (i) Code Jobs: training unemployed people through coding bootcamps and placing them working as junior developers (ii) ubbu: introducing computational thinking in primary schools. In 2018 Code For All was considered by Financial Times as one of the “Top100 Europe’s Road o Growth”.

  • BBF – Maria Manuela Faria

    Maria Manuela Faria

    General Director at Estabelecimentos Escolares

    Maria Manuela Faria, Master of Science in Education from the Catholic University of Lisbon and specialist in Education Law from the European Association for Education Law and Policy, University of Antwerp. She has been the Director-General of School Establishments since July 2018 through the tender procedure of the CReSAP. DGESTE is a central service of direct administration of the State with administrative autonomy.

  • BBF – Maria Luísa Oliveira

    Maria Luísa Oliveira

    Teacher, external evaluator of teachers, trainer of school leaders and consultant in the area of educational planning.

    Maria Luísa Oliveira holds a Master from the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (FCSH) of the Nova University of Lisbon in Educational Sciences, a degree in Geography and Regional Planning, a postgraduate degree in School Administration and the Advanced Course in Public Management (CAGEP). After a rich path of experience, Maria is now teacher, external evaluator of teachers, trainer of school leaders and consultant in the area of educational planning.

  • BBF – Diogo Rosa

    Diogo Rosa

    Student at ATEC

    Graduating from the 3rd year of the Technical Course in Electronics and Telecommunications at ATEC – Academia de Formação. Enthusiastic about new technologies, he constantly seeks new approaches in problem solving, being a team player for excellence.

  • BBF – José Costa Rodrigues

    José Costa Rodrigues

    Founder and Board Member at Forall Phones

    José Costa Rodrigues, 24 years old, young entrepreneur who founded Forall Phones – a pioneer and leader in refurbished technology sales, with 11 stores and 90 employees. Academically, he embraces a disruptive education style – customized in business schools around the world, such as Stanford in the USA, Antai in China, or St Gallen in Switzerland. In a personal capacity, he is passionate about art, history and travel.

  • BBF – Dr. Mira Paulo

    João Mira Paulo

    Director at IEFP

    João Mira Paulo, graduated in Informatics / Mathematics from Universidade Portucalense, with training in Public Management from U Minho, IEFP IP staff, since 1991. He has held management positions in the Organization since 1992. João assumes, since the creation in 2015, the Direction of the Employment and Professional Training Center of Vila Nova de Gaia, after having directed the Employment Center of VN Gaia, in the last years, until its expansion, with the incorporation of the Service’s valence Training.

  • FIFA eWorld Cup – Previews

    Gonçalo Miguéis

    Support Engineer at Microsoft

    Gonçalo Miguéis is a Dynamics 365 support engineer at Microsoft since 2016, as well as sports commentator for about six years. In the sports world, he is known as “BombNuker”. Gonçalo also works in events at national and internation level with the most diverse companies and organizations.

  • BBF – Rita Patrício

    Rita Patrício

    Country Transformation Lead at Microsoft

    A citizen of the world, Rita has enjoyed every opportunity to travel the world from Australia to the United States, via Argentina. Rita started collaborating with Microsoft Portugal in 2019, working on planning, developing, and executing marketing strategies and programs to drive awareness in the enterprise market. Before joining Microsoft, Rita worked as an intern at Accenture in the Digital department.

  • BBF – Joao Cunha

    João Cunha

    Deputy Director of AE Freixo

    João Cunha, graduated in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Minho, is also a certified trainer in Physics and Chemistry Education, Physics and Chemistry Didactics and Educational Technologies. João, Deputy Director of AE Freixo, is considered Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. By 2014, he was considered one of the 11 most innovative Portuguese teachers in the world. João Cunha represented Portugal on several occasions of competitions or events, having gathered several awards and honorable mentions. 

  • BBF – Nuno Moutinho

    Nuno Moutinho

    Director of private cluster escolaglobal® and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto

    Director of private cluster escolaglobal® and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto. Has a PhD in Economics, researcher in the area of digital media, member of the board of the Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences and the Scientific Committee of the Master in Communication Sciences at the University of Porto.

  • BBF – Adelino Portela

    Adelino Portela

    Solutions Architect at Randstad Portugal

    Adelino Portela has over 8 years of experience in software development. An agile enthusiast, currently Solutions Architect at Randstad Portugal with main focus in Outsystems technologies but has played many roles in the software development process: Scrum-Master, Product Owner and Quality Engineer.

  • BBF – Margarida Campos

    Margarida Campos

    Data Scientist at OutSystems

    With a degree in Applied Mathematics from Instituto Superior Técnico, she is now a Data Scientist at OutSystems while attending the Master in Engineering and Data Science. Particular teacher for 7 years, she lives in love with spreading the love for Mathematics and making the difficult easy.

  • BBF – Rui Madeira

    Rui Madeira

    Director at Artistic School António Arroio

    Rui Madeira is currently director of the Artistic School António Arroio. He graduated in Basic Education, in the visual and technological education variant, at the ESE of Setúbal. Also has a postgraduate degree in museology and Heritage, by the Lusíada University of Lisboa and a specialized training in School Administration promoted by ESCSP. Rui is also a teacher of Visual and Technological Education in Basic Education and a trainer in several courses of arts and ceramic technology.

  • BBF – João Moura

    João Moura

    Account Executive - Higher Education at Microsoft

    João Moura is responsible for Microsoft Portugal’s relationship with Higher Education Institutions and holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Instituto Superior Técnico. He is a productivity enthusiast and strongly believes that technology is an enabler for innovation on how we learn and teach.

  • BBF – Rita Piçarra

    Rita Piçarra

    CFO at Microsoft

    Rita Piçarra is the new Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft Portugal. Rita has ranged the world with Microsoft, with various positions she held, always in the Financial area. With strong leadership skills and efficiency in projects that led to the company’s growth, – through the development and implementation of financial control models -, Rita Piçarra is an agile, strategic and focused professional.

  • BBF – Mónica Rodrigues

    Mónica Rodrigues

    Manager at PWN

    Mónica Rodrigues is SinAse’s Consultant in Pedagogical Innovation – Neuroeducation. Mónica is also an invited Professor at the Institute of Postgraduate Studies, ISCSP and is specializing in Clinical Psychology / Neurospsychology. Besides all of this, she studied abroad at the Universities of Kiel and Paris.

  • BBF – Inês Pina Pereira

    Inês Pina Pereira

    People Director at KPMG

    Inês Pina Pereira HR Director – PeoplePerformance & Culture of KPMG Portugal. The digital influence and the curiosity for the dynamic of the “techworld” took her to the People & Culture team of Sonae IM (technologic holding of SONAE) where later she assumed the Global Head of People & Culture function of Wedo Technologies, one of the group technologies.

  • BBF – Chitra Stern

    Chitra Stern

    Founder and Board Member at United Lisbon International School

    Chitra Stern, recipient of the prestigious Deloitte Institute Entrepreneurship Award at the London Business School, “Person of the Year” Award by the international Family Travel Association and the “Family Traveler Award” for special contribution to the Family Travel Market. Electronic Engineer, Chartered Accountant and MBA (London Business School). The most recent project that she is involved in consists on building a 50,000 sqm Education Hub with the United Lisbon International School (ULIS). 

  • danielTraca

    Daniel Traça

    Dean at Nova School of Business and Economics

    Daniel Traça is Dean and full professor at the School of Business and Economics, from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Nova SBE). He is also a visiting professor at INSEAD in France and Singapore. Daniel Traça graduated from the Nova School of Business and Economics and got his PhD from Columbia University in New York. He has worked as a consultant to the World Bank and the European Commission and has published his scientific research in the area of Globalization and Economic Development.

  • BBF – Rodrigo Umbelino

    Rodrigo Umbelino

    Power Platform Technical Specialist at Microsoft

    Rodrigo Umbelino is a Technical Specialist of Microsoft, where he is member of the pre-sale tech team at the Power Platform area. Rodrigo has a degree in technology informational systems and he is currently finishing his Master degree in Data Science and Advanced Analystics at Nova IMS.

  • BBF – Alexa Joyce

    Alexa Joyce

    EMEA Future-Ready Skills Lead at Microsoft

    Alexa works across the region to drive student skills development, from primary through to higher education. Her role in future-ready skills aims to drive both the soft skills that students need to succeed in work and life, as well as develop deep STEM and technical competences. Alexa has been an advisor and committee member for the Hewlett Packard STEM+ Catalyst, European Centre for Women and Technology, European e-Skills Association, All Digital and the EDUCATE ed-tech accelerator.

  • BBF – Mariana Barbosa

    Mariana Barbosa

    CEO in Revista Pessoas

    Mariana de Araújo Barbosa has been a journalist since 2007. She studied Communication Sciences at Universidade Nova. In 2014 she joined Chicas Poderosas, a women’s empowerment movement in journalism and communication, becoming, in 2016, the movement’s ambassador in Portugal. In the same year, she went through the editorial staff of Propublica, in New York, and returned to Portugal where he joined the founding team of ECO – Economia Online.

  • BBF – Miguel Santo

    Miguel Santo

    BI consultant at BI4ALL

    Miguel Santo, who is 43 years old, is a consultant of BI at BI4All and at the moment is working with PowerBI. His life motto is that his own limit is himself.

  • BBF – Margarida Soares

    Margarida Costa Soares

    Comunication Specialist in Digital Marketing na Gfi Portugal

    Margarida Costa Soares has a degree in Communication Sciences at Universidade Autónoma and a master’s degree in Communication, Marketing and Advertising at Universidade Católica Portuguesa. From working on television to entering a new world at Sephora (digital and e-commerce), Margarida found a different professional path than she had imagined. Currently working in the technology area, she is now managing one of Gfi’s most promising projects, chatbots.

  • Captura de ecrã 2020-01-22, às 16.07.25

    Ana Cláudia Cohen

    Chairman of AE of Alcanena

    Ana Cláudia Cohen, chairman of AE of Alcanena, has a Masters degree  in Educational Sciences. Ana Cláudia has been participating in national and international conferences, especially the IWG OECD Education 2019, in Paris, Vancouver and South Chorea.  

  • fbt

    Tiago Meireles

    EMEA SQL BI -Support Engineer at Microsoft

    Tiago Meireles started his career in BI, he was at organizations as Arquiconsult, Nobabase, Boost IT, and currently at Microsoft. Due to his passion for informatic, he feels accomplished to look at this job as a hobby and not as a duty.

  • BBF – Pedro Mendonça

    Pedro Mendonça

    SMB Education at Microsoft

    Pedro Mendonça studied Management at Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa and he has 20 years of experience in multinationals in the IT area. One year ago he started his activity at Microsoft Education where he is responsible for developing and helping partners, school leaders and primary and secondary school teachers to learn about new ways of teaching and how to have collaborative classrooms.

  • BBF – Marco Espinheira

    Marco Espinheira

    Future's Director at CM Cascais

    Graduated in Management from Universidade Católica in 1995 and did a master degree in New Ventures by California State University in 1999. Marco Espinheira is a serial entrepreneur and creative explorer. He founded several companies in the communication, advertising, technology and cultural sectors. He is also a member of the advisory committee of IPDAL, AGAVI and ILC and is also an honorary consul of Belize in Portugal.

  • BBF – Vânia Neto

    Vânia Neto

    Western Europe Education Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft

    Vânia Neto is currently Education Sr. Product Marketing Manager in Western Europe and is deeply involved the AI Skills initiatives developed by the WE Education Team. In Microsoft since 2011, she joined as Partners in Learning Manager in the Portuguese Education Team, and in 2014 became Education and Philanthropies Lead for Microsoft Portugal. Vânia has a Law degree and has previously worked in Public Sector, in Central and Local Government entities.

  • BBF – Jorge Sottomaior Braga

    Jorge Sottomaior Braga

    Course Director at EPRAMI

    Teacher of Professional Education with 20 years of experience, with focus on the industrial areas of robotics and automation, Jorge is Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow. He has several technical certifications including Certified Solutions Associate in Office 365 and Office Specialist and is enthusiastic about using technology in the classroom. Conducts regular training for teachers in the use of Office 365 tools, in particular Microsoft Teams.

  • BBF – Alexandre Homem Cristo

    Alexandre Homem Cristo

    President of QIPP

    President of QIPP, Lexplore’s partner for Portugal. He is a policy analyst (Education) and opinion columnist at Observador. Former National Counsellor for Education (in Portugal), he has managed high-level European projects and published various papers, chapters and books on Education policy.

  • BBT – Rui Malcata

    Rui Malcata

    Director, Portugal at Steelcase

    Rui Malcata is responsible for Steelcase in Portugal, a company specialized in consulting and designing workspaces and the world leader in the office furniture industry. With a background in Marketing and Leadership Development, he works in the design and development of workplace projects for leading companies, focusing on the well-being and productivity of people and organizations.

  • BBF – André Fernandes

    André Fernandes

    Support Engineer of Azure at Microsoft

    André is a Support Engineer for Azure App Service at Microsoft, responsible for helping customer’s with complex technical problems involving production critical systems. He also delivers training to his EMEA team improving the technical capabilities of the team.

  • Microsoft Portugal

    Luís Ferreira da Silva

    Director of Azure Microsoft

    Luís Ferreira da Silva has over 20 years’ of experience in IT and is the director of Azure at Microsoft. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science by NOVA University of Lisbon and he is also an Assistant Professor teaching Cloud and other emerging technologies in some universities.

  • BBF – Ricardo Ribeiro

    Ricardo Teresa Ribeiro

    Teacher at ESTeSL-IP

    Ricardo Teresa Ribeiro has a degree in Radiology from ESTeSL – IP and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from IST-UL, author of multiple scientific articles, European projects and patents. He has been an Adjunct Professor at ESTeSL – IPL, since 2008, where he develops his teaching activity in the area of ultrasound and research in the areas of computer vision, machine and deep learning.

  • BBF – Fábio Vítor

    Fábio Vítor

    Workplace & Security Consultant at Armis Group

    Fábio Vítor, Microsoft Technologies Consultant at Armis. His  professional career started in Microsoft technologies in Desktop Deployment – SCCM and MDT. Currently Fábio is implementing Microsoft cloud solutions, namely in the areas of Modern Workplace and Security.

  • BBF – Bo Kristoffersson

    Bo Kristoffersson

    CEO at Lexplore

    Bo is the CEO of Lexplore. He has a solid experience of working in education and digitalization. Bo has founded and run several private schools and also served as superintendent in public school districts. As an education consultant he has led the introduction of digital educational content in several schools in Scandinavia and internationally. He sits on the board of Swedish EdTech Industry and lectures frequently on issues concerning education, AI and digitalization.

  • BBF – Gonçalo Gaiolas

    Gonçalo Gaiolas

    VP of Community & Ecosystem at Outsystems

    Gonçalo Gaiolas is Vice President of Community & Ecosystem at OutSystems. In the past few years, Gonçalo has held a number of roles in areas related to Digital, Information Technology, Customer Experience, Customer Success, Digital Strategy, and Client Program Management.

  • BBF – Ines Casaca

    Inês Casaca

    Associate Director at Randstad

    Inês has 12 years of experience in Human Resources Consulting and Talent Management. With a special focus on talent acquisition project management, specialized recruitment and HR solutions. Holds a degree in Human Resources Psychology and training in Management and Leadership by AESE.

  • BBF – M João Horta

    Maria João Horta

    Deputy at DGE

    Maria João studied geology at the University of Coimbra, did a Masters Degree in Didactics of Sciences at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and a PhD in ICT and Education at the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon. She was part of the Working Group whose mission was to define the working profile of young people at the end of 12 years of compulsory education. Maria João currently serves as Deputy in the Directorate-General for Education.

  • BBF – Manuel Rito

    Manuel Rito

    European Marketing Director at Selina Group

    Manuel Rito studied Management at UCP and has a master’s degree in Marketing from ESCP Europe in London and Paris. After a career in advertising agencies, e-commerce, marketing and sales, he is currently Director of Marketing for Europe at Selina Group.

  • BBF – Nuno Salvaterra

    Nuno Salvaterra

    Head of Agile Coach at Farfetch

    In love with technology since his childhood, Nuno is a computer engineer that realized in college that he liked people more than programming. Linked to continuous improvement since 2008 and Agile since 2013. Leads Farfetch’s Agile Coaches team since 2018.

  • BBF – Franklin Minan

    Franklin Minang

    Data Mining Specialist at AGEAS

    Franklin Minang works with Data Mining for the Marketing team at Ocidental and Médis (part of Grupo Ageas Portugal). Before pursuing his career in Data Science, he obtained a BSc in Mathematics and minor in Computer Science from the University of Buea in Cameroon, his home country. Since September 2016, he has been applying and growing his Advanced Analytics skills for Marketing team at Ocidental and Medis, extracting meaningful insights from data through descriptive and predictive models that drive marketing actions and improve customer experience.

  • BBF – Orlando Rodrigues

    Orlando Rodrigues

    President, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança

    Orlando Rodrigues has a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Lisbon, and a PhD in Natural Resource Economics from the same University. He was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the School of Agriculture of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança; Vice-President and, since July 2018, he is President of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança.

  • BBF – Pedro Dominguinhos

    Pedro Dominguinhos

    Coordinating Professor at ESCE/IPS

    Pedro Dominguinhos has a PhD in Management from the Higher Institute of Economics and Management (UL), a master degree in International Economics and Degree in Economics. Coordinating Professor at the School of Business Sciences of the Setúbal Polytechnic Institute (ESCE / IPS), in the Management area, where he has been teaching since 1995. He has been President of the Setúbal Polytechnic Institute (IPS) since April 2014. He is also Chairman of the Board Coordinator of Higher Institutes since May 2018.

  • BBF – Ricardo Mesquita

    Ricardo Mesquita

    Head of Immersive Learning at IE XL

    He is one of the co-founders of Beta-i, board member at chicaspoderosas.org and co-author of the book “The Soul of Business/ A Alma do Negócio”, a roadmap for entrepreneurs looking to launch their ventures in Portugal. Ricardo is currently building the immersive learning initiative at IE XL, he was also CEO of Groupon and LetsBonus in Portugal & Chile and the former CEO of The LAB Miami.

  • BBF – Luís Seco

    Luís Seco

    Chief Innovation Officer at ISMAI

    Luís Gonçalves holds a PhD in Geoinformatics and an integrated researcher at the Center of Investigation of Geo-Spacial Sciences at Porto’s University, co-authoring several patents and scientific papers resulting from his participation in various scientific projects, both national and international. 

  • BBF – Kyriakos Koursaris

    Kyriakos Koursaris

    Head of Technology at Park

    Kyriakos Koursaris is head of technology at Park International School, MIE Expert, and Minicraft Global Mentor in Lisbon as well as an EU Code Week Leading Teacher. He has been honoured to participate as a speaker in national and international forums such as the LGW 2019 International Gamification Seminar, Code Week 2019, TEDxLarnaca 2019, and many more. He also teaches IGCSE Computer Science course in Y9-10 and has worked as a music teacher for almost a decade in grades K-7.           

  • BBF – Adelaide Franco

    Adelaide Franco

    Founder & Manager at MindsetPlus

    Founder of MindsetPlus, Adelaide Franco has developed for more than 30 years, administrative and directing roles in various organizations. Between 2004 and 2011 she was responsible for the area of education at Microsoft, coordinating strategic projects, including “Lideres Inovadores” and “ProfessoresInovadores”. Today, she is an invited teacher at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra and in Lusófona University and member of the center for interdisciplinary studies from Sec. XX of Ucoimbra – CEIS 20.


  • BBF – Fred CC

    Fred Canto e Castro

    Founder & Chairman at Sonder

    Fred Canto e Castro began his journey when he left college at 20 years old to start his first company, Sonder.This adventure allowed Fred to go through an experience of accelerated learning, and that’s why he decided to put to service all the knowledge he has assimilated over the years. Through digital content, talks workshop or seminars, Fred is delivering the inspiration, knowledge and mentoring necessary necessary for everyone to become the ultimate version of themselves and make the most out of their lives.

  • BBF – João Salvado

    João Salvado

    Azure Support Engineer at Microsoft

    João works at Microsoft as an Azure support engineer helping customers with solutions using Azure App Services, DevOps and Azure Serverless functions. With a previous experience in Data Science and Artificial intelligence field, João is an always learning person with a deep focus on helping customers to achieve more.

  • BBF – Pedro Caramez sem filtro

    Pedro Caramez

    Linkedin Book Author

    Speaker and consultant in digital marketing, supports professionals and companies to better use the LinkedIn network. Develops consulting programs in social selling, social recruiting and LinkedIn. Pedro has written 2 books about Linkedin and has hundreds of publications in various national magazines.

  • BBF – Tanmay

    Tanmay Bakshi

    Software Developer at IBM

    Tanmay Bakshi is a 15 year-old Canadian author, AI/Machine Learning expert, TED and keynote speaker, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, and a media personality who has addressed over 200,000 executives, leaders, intellectuals, and developers at international conferences, universities, and multinationals worldwide. The United Nations, NASSCOM, Linux Foundation, Apple, SAP, IBM, KPMG, and Walmart are just a few of the organizations he has keynoted for.

  • BBF Miguel Neto – sem filtro

    Miguel de Castro Neto

    Teacher at NOVA IMS

    Miguel de Castro Neto, assistant professor and assistant director of NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) at NOVA University of Lisbon, where created the NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab, dedicated to smart cities and urban analytics. Miguel was also, Secretary of State for Spatial Planning and Nature Conservation in the 19th and 20th Smart Cities Governments and Personality of the Year 2017.

  • BBF – Luis – How to master a Classroom

    Luís Moreira

    Change and Pedagogical Innovation Manager at Colégio Casa Mãe

    Luís Filipe Moreira is elementary and secondary school teacher with 10 years of experience in the public and private sector. More than a teacher, he already has experience as Pedagogical Director. Luís Filipe is currently Manager of Change & Pedagogical Innovation at Casa Mãe College in Porto. Also, #MIEExpert and action-researcher since 2016.

  • BBF – Manuela Correia – New ways of teaching

    Manuela Correia

    Teacher at Agrupamento de Escolas Dr Manuel Gomes de Almeida

    Music teacher since the age of 17. Founder of many eTwinning projects, like Litter@sea, she has won 7 national prizes and also a European one. As a MIE Expert and Skype Master Teacher, her Skype lesson, “The Skype Plastic Cleanup Brigade”, has been in hundreds of classrooms worldwide since 2017.